The first-ever World OCR Championships organized by FISO have come to an end, leaving many unforgettable experiences. Partnered with and supported by the Belgian OCR federation (BOCRA), it was a global highlight for all Obstacle Course Race (OCR) enthusiasts.

Imagine this: Genk, Belgium, welcomed us with its unique charm and an old coal mine, which became our racing ground. It felt like stepping into an action-packed adventure!

On Friday, a 3-kilometer race set the pace, featuring challenging obstacles from local OCR designers: Klimber, Urban Sky, race organizers Spartan Race and Spartacus.

And of course the best of the best from TOROZ.

Saturday increased the thrill with a 15-kilometer race that blended forest trails, crawling, lots of walls and mountain challenges, and a cool water segment. Everything what Obstacle Racing is all about. Testing your full body and mind.

Sunday focused on team competition and grand finals of the OCR100 track delivered by Hannibal’s Crossing, which became a massive show. With lots of spectators on the tribunes.

Here’s a peek at our standout obstacles:

•            Holy Bull – our superstar obstacle, featuring a mix of ULTRA GRIP holds. It’s a bit like a ninja’s playground, complete with hanging discs, climbing grips, and low-set balls that require the agility of a cat on a hot tin roof.

•            Firefighter – this one’s a heart-stopper. A course of suspended PVC pipes known as Firemen, where you must balance on thin cords. It’s a bit like tightrope walking, but with the added thrill of falling into fire if you slip.

•            Floating Walls – imagine trying to scale walls that are on the move. It’s like a real-life game of ‘Don’t Touch the Lava,’ but with walls instead of the floor.

But wait, there’s more! Our shop was the place to be. We set up a training cage with various tracks with obstacles like Fireman, Net and Woode Hot Wheels and grips like Disc 1.0, Nunchuks and Spartan Helmets – everything you’d encounter on the racecourse. We wanted you to test our toys and develop your own techniques. We call it “pre-race reconnaissance without breaking a sweat.” Working at the booth was a blast. We chatted with athletes from around the globe, made new friends, and got a ton of fresh ideas for developing our equipment.

Speaking of competitors, the World Championships brought together the crème de la crème of obstacle racing. These folks didn’t stumble into the competition; they were born to conquer obstacles. That is why, we have to brag about the result of the boss of TOROZ –  Przemek Trapkowski, who earned a silver medal for his impressive run in the age category 40-45, on the 3k.

To sum it up, this event was a blend of feelings: euphoria, happiness, exhaustion and pride. Looking forward to more! And can’t wait for the 2024 Costa Rica OCRWC

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