Privacy policy

Privacy Policy of the website

1. General information

  1. This Privacy Policy pertains to the website available at the following URL address:
  2. Website specified above, as well as personal data of users shall be administered by: xRunners LLC. Chrobrego 79C Street, 80-414 Gdansk
  3. Operator’s e-mail address shall be as follows:
  4. Operator shall be the Administrator of users’ personal data provided voluntarily within the framework of the Website.
  5. Website shall utilize personal data for the following purposes:
    • Managing the classified ad system,
    • Handling requests sent via the available form,
    • Preparing, packing, and shipping goods,
    • Providing the ordered services
    • Providing users with the offer or information alike
  6. Website gathers info about its users and their patterns of behavior in the following manner:
    • By collecting data provided in forms voluntarily by users and then sent to the Operator.
    • Via Cookie files saved on users’ end devices.

2. Selected methods of data protection utilized by the Operator

  1. Places of logging in and entering personal data are protected in the transmission layer (the SSL certificate). As a result, personal and login data entered on the website are encrypted on the user’s computer and can only be decoded by the target server.
  2. Personal data stored in the database are encrypted in such a manner that only the Operator having an access key can view them. Thanks to said fact, the data are protected against data disclosure or unlawful use.
  3. Operator shall periodically change its administrative passwords.
  4. Important element of data protection system shall be regular updating of all the pieces of software used by the Operator to process personal data, which in particular means regular updates of IT components.

3. Hosting

  1. Website shall be hosted (maintained technically) on Operator’s server: dhosting

4. Your rights and additional information of ways of utilizing data

  1. In some cases, the Administrator shall have the right to disclose your personal data to other entities, providing that it is necessary to fulfill its obligations under the agreement concluded with you or to fulfill the obligations of the Administrator. Such disclosure shall pertain to the following recipient groups:
    • couriers,
    • insurance agents,
    • law firms and debt collectors,
    • banks,
    • public bodies.
  2. Your personal data shall be processed by the Administrator for no longer than it is required to perform certain actions that are governed by separate legal provisions (such as acts on accounting). When it comes to marketing, personal data shall not be processed for longer than 3 years.
  3. You shall have the right to request the Administrator to:
    • access your personal data,
    • correct such data,
    • delete such data,
    • limit their processing scope,
    • transfer such data.
  4. You shall have the right to object to processing specified in point 3.3 c) with regard to processing of personal data in order to fulfill the legitimate interests of the Administrator, including profiling, but the right to object may not be exercised if there are valid legally justified grounds for processing, overriding your interests, rights and freedoms. It shall predominantly pertain to establishing, pursuing, and defending claims.
  5. You may file a complaint pertaining to undertakings performed by the Administrator and send them to the Chairman of the Office for Personal Data Protection, Stawki 2 Street, 00-193 Warsaw.
  6. Provision of your personal data shall be voluntary, yet required to utilize the Website to the fullest extent.
  7. There may be actions based on automatic decision making performed in relation to you, including profiling, to provide services within the framework of the concluded agreement or to perform direct marketing-related actions.
  8. Personal data shall not be provided to third countries in compliance with provisions on personal data protection. It means that your personal data shall not be sent outside the EU.

5. Information on forms

  1. Website shall gather data provided voluntary by the user, including personal data, if the user decides to provide them as well.
  2. Website may gather data on connection parameters (timestamp, IP address).
  3. In some cases, the Website may save information making, it easier to connect data provided in a given form with the e-mail address of the user filling in the form. In such a case, the e-mail address of the user shall be included in the URL address of the subpage including such form.
  4. Data provided in the form shall be processed for the purposes a specific form is to serve, for example – to manage a servicing request, to establish a commercial contact, to register a specific service, etc. In all cases, the context and the description of the form shall make its purpose clear.

6. Administrator’s logs

  1. Data on user’s behavior within the website may be additionally logged. Such data shall be utilized to improve Website administration quality.

7. Key marketing techniques

  1. Operator shall use statistical analysis of website traffic through the utilization of the Google Analytics (Google Inc. based in the USA) service. The Operator shall not provide personal data to the operator of this service, but rather – anonymised pieces of information. The service is based on the use of Cookie files stored on the user’s end device. In terms of information about user preferences collected by the Google advertising network, the user can view and edit information derived from Cookies using the following tool:

8. Information on Cookie files

  1. Website shall utilize Cookie files.
  2. Cookie files (the so called „Cookies”) are IT data, especially text files that are saved on the end device of the user of the Website and allow for properly utilizing all the sections of the Website. Cookie files typically include the name of the website they originate from, storage time, and their unique number.
  3. Website Operator shall be the entity responsible for saving said Cookie files on users’ end devices and for accessing such data.
  4. Cookie files shall be utilized for the following purposes:
    1. maintaining user’s session (after logging in), so the user does not need to enter his or her login and password on each subpage of the Website;
    2. realizing goals specified above in the „Key marketing techniques” section;
  5. Website uses two basic types of Cookies: session Cookies and persistent Cookies. Session Cookies are temporary files that are stored on the User’s end device until logging out, leaving the Website, or turning the software (web browser) off. Persistent Cookies are stored on the user’s end device for the time specified in the Cookie file’s parameters or until they are deleted by the user.
  6. Software utilized for browsing websites (web browser) usually by default allows for the storage of Cookies on the user’s end device. Website users can change such settings. The web browser allows the user to delete Cookies. It is also possible to automatically block Cookies. Detailed information pertaining to that issue can be found in the help or documentation of the web browser utilized.
  7. Limitation of the use of Cookie files may impact certain functionalities of the Website.
  8. Cookie files saved on the end device of the user may be taken advantage of by entities cooperating with the Website, including such companies as: Google (Google Inc. with its seat in the USA), Facebook (Facebook Inc. with its seat in the USA), Twitter (Twitter Inc. with its seat in the USA).

9. Cookie file management – how to grant and withdraw consent?

  1. If the user does not want to be sent Cookie files, he or she may change browser’s settings. It shall be remembered that disabling Cookie files that may be vital for verification, security, and user preference saving may make it difficult or in some cases even impossible to utilize the Website.
  2. To manage Cookie files, select the web browser you are using from the list and then follow the consecutive steps:

Mobile devices: