Pullup bar 120 cm

Metal, painted on “orange peel”


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Metal pullup bar. It can be used for a comprehensive training of both the back, biceps and grip strength. The multitude of training possibilities depends only on your imagination. Structurally, our solution allows you to suspend it with chains or straps anywhere.

Powder coated with an “orange peel” structure, which increases the grip surface and significantly improves it. What is important during training, e.g. hanging on one hand.

Summary: an ideal tool for athletes training crossfit and competing in obstacle races or Ninja Games formulas. High level of shape difficulty, but very adhesive structure of the coating.

material: metal
coating: painted “orange peel”
black colour
hook: steel eyelets
length: 120 cm
thickness: 2.7 cm
1 piece

Weight 2 kg

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