Loyalty Program

The programme is aimed at those customers who want to stay with us for the long term.

  1. Only registered customers can participate in the programme.
  2. Points are awarded for: product purchases and account registration in our shop.
  3. Unused points expire after 12 months.
  4. After a certain number of points have been collected, the points collected can be used for free products, for which we reward our loyal customers.
  5. Są poziomy przyznawania punktów. Nagromadzenie odpowiedniej ilości punktów odblokowuje automatycznie dany poziom.


  6. 4000 points are credited for creating an account in our shop.
  7. Next to each product, the corresponding number of points for its purchase is visible.

1 euro spent in a shop = 100 point in the programme

PLN 4 spent in shop = 100 point in the programme

Accumulated points can be redeemed for free products in the shopping basket when purchasing a product.

In each level, there is an opportunity to receive a free product from the online shop, which you will have to exchange in your order when you enter your details in the form for the points you have earned in our loyalty programme.