We are thrilled to announce that TOROZ once again participating in the OCR European Championships, taking place from June 14-16, 2024, in Italy. Recognized as the paramount event in the European OCR calendar, the championships hold a special place in the heart of obstacle racing enthusiasts and pro athletes. Marking our third active involvement, we are proud to be part of an event that not only challenges athletes but also brings together the OCR community from across the continent. With thousands of you at the same time in the same place – Folgaria.

For more details about the event, visit the official website: https://ocreuropeanchampionships.org/

This year, we’re elevating the competition with the introduction of four of our brand’s obstacles, showcasing our commitment to innovation and quality in the OCR industry:

LOW to HIGH to LOW: A more challenging, 9-meter version of the obstacle featured in the 2022 Italian championships. This time, it’s twice as long and inverted. Competitors will start from a lower level, ascend, and then descend after conquering a series of 10 grips.  It’s a true test of core strength and endurance.

FIREFIGHTER: A formidable obstacle from the 2023 OCR World Championships, consisting of a series of pipes with thin ropes. It can be overcome using both hands and feet but poses a significant challenge to many athletes.

WOODEN SPINNING WHEELS: Featuring square-handled wheels from our new Ninja product line, this obstacle might have a lower difficulty level, but the unique grip shape is sure to surprise first-time users.

SKULL VALLEY + BULL HEAD: Another innovative design from our Ninja series, this obstacle comprises a line of wooden skulls that must be traversed using only the hands, ending with a bull’s head that competitors must swing to ring a bell.

Our presence at the championships goes beyond obstacles; we’ll also have a tent where attendees can purchase a variety of TOROZ products. From ULTRA GRIP grips and NINJA line obstacles to apparel and other accessories, we’ll have everything athletes need to take their training to the next level. Plus, we’re bringing along our warm-up structures for everyone to try what they’ll face on the course. There will be many other activities, such as the competition for the strongest squeeze, and the fight for the maze in our competitions #getamazeforyourcrew

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The OCR scene in Europe continues to grow, with competitions now available in nearly every country and professional clubs eager to equip their facilities with the best gear. At TOROZ, we’re here to meet that demand, supplying equipment that stands up to the challenge of the toughest courses and competitors.

Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the championships. Join us in Italy to experience the pinnacle of obstacle course racing in Europe and discover how TOROZ is setting new standards in the sport.