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Your ultimate source for Obstacle Course Race gear in Europe! As a the no.1 producer of OCR and Ninja equipment, we understand the importance of top-quality gear in your training and we believe that with our grips and obstacles you can improve your grip strength and be better athlete. For all the popular races like Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, Gladiator Race, Inferno Run or Runmageddon. Whether you're participating in a challenging OCR Series, Barbarian Race or Predator Race or Tough Viking or a fun-filled Strong Viking or XLETIX, we have the perfect tools to enhance your performance. Our rings, balls, discs, cones, and ropes are designed to help you conquer obstacles efficiently with confidence. Shop now and gear up for the most thrilling races across Europe. Unleash your potential and dominate every course with our reliable equipment!

Why are TOROZ products special?

We are the only one, complete OCR & Ninja manufacturer with an offer including home training equipment up to large structures. Our training Rigs are the perfect solution for open, public municipality areas and our race obstacles for Race organizers on every level of development and training gyms. Get a superior grip with Toroz grips, the perfect choice for athletes and enthusiasts. Our high-quality Toroz grips are designed to give you better traction, comfort, and control in all your activities. Made with top-notch materials, Toroz grips are durable and reliable. Shop now and elevate your performance!