The Toroz team is thrilled to announce a significant milestone – the debut of our Toroz Elite Combo in Scandinavia! On November 15, 2023, we set our sights on Eslov, Sweden, marking the entry of another country onto the map of our innovative training structures.

Embarking on a day-long ferry journey from Gdynia to Kalskrona and a subsequent two-hour drive brought us to the picturesque town of Eslov, nestled near Malmo. Our previous encounters with Sweden, including featuring the first obstacle in the renowned Ultimate OCR event last year, paved the way for this year’s exciting developments.

This year, we not only continued our engagement with Ultimate OCR but also solidified a robust partnership with Tough Viking. Our full-scale structure, adorned with ULTRA GRIP holds and grips, stood proudly at Tough Viking, garnering positive feedback. We are immensely proud and grateful for the warm reception we’ve received in Sweden.

The result of this collaboration is the inaugural ELITE COMBO BIZON in Sweden, set to bring joy to the residents of Eslov and the Gripen OCR team. Beyond the festivities, it promises to elevate their OCR skills to new heights, and that’s what brings us the most satisfaction – knowing we’re contributing to the growth of OCR athletes.

We take great pride in recognizing the tangible impact we have on the lives of OCR enthusiasts. Each Toroz structure becomes a building block in their sporting development, and that brings us immense joy. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Tini and Rchard, who contributed to the facility, for their super cooperation.

Situated in an open area within a scenic park in the heart of the city, the training cage provides access not only to the most avid OCR enthusiasts but also to those who haven’t had the chance to ‘play on obstacles.’ Perhaps, thanks to our structure, they’ll catch the obstacle bug and join the ranks of our beloved sport. In closing, the journey to Eslov represents more than just the introduction of Toroz Elite Combo to Sweden – it symbolizes our commitment to fostering a global community of OCR enthusiasts. As we continue to expand our footprint, we eagerly anticipate the positive impact on the local OCR scene and the broader fitness community.