Last week, we embarked on a journey to Amsterdam for the official launch of our partnership with the largest obstacle course racing organizer in Central Europe, the famous Strong Viking. This edition marked the final event of the year for this organizer and was particularly special. It hosted the last race of the OCR Series this year—a league organized during Strong Viking events, where Europe’s speed demons compete. It also featured the long-distance version known as ULTRA VIKING, a 60km obstacle-studded challenge with a 10-hour time limit.

In this OCR Series edition, covering a challenging 19km course:

Among the men, Stijn Lagrand from the Netherlands claimed victory with a time of 1:27:36. He was closely followed by Thibault Debusschere from Belgium and Johan Ingemarsson, also from the Netherlands.

Among the women, Lizaveta Savinava secured the first-place spot with a time of 1:55:23. Right behind her were Corien Jansen from the Netherlands and Lisa Segers from Belgium.
A beautiful spectacle of obstacle skills at the highest level.

As part of our partnership, Strong Viking introduced an obstacle equipped with our brand’s obstacles and ULTRA GRIP grips on the course. This obstacle is the monumental 8-lane, 15-meter-long LOW RIG, which will become a permanent feature in upcoming editions of the races in the 2024 season. How did the brave warriors handle it? Well, the Strong Viking course is a significant challenge, filled with mud that doesn’t make it any easier to carry your body weight for such a long distance. Some of you raised your victory arms triumphantly, while others had to acknowledge its superiority. Respect to everyone who took on this challenge.

For those curious about which ULTRA GRIP holds made it onto the obstacle, we’re here with the details: Ball Giant, Ball 8cm, Cone 1.0, Grip L1.0, Disc 1.0, and Skull.

For all you athletes participating in ST events. Have fun!

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