We’re thrilled to announce a special episode of our OCR Podcast featuring a remarkable guest – none other than Ulrikke Evensen, the reigning 12k OCR European Champion from Denmark!

fot. Nikolaj Frits Nielsen

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Episode Highlights:

Just two weeks after the intense OCR European Championships in Hungary, we had the honor of welcoming Ulrikke Evensen to our studio at the Toroz headquarters in Gdańsk. Ulrikke, freshly crowned as the 12k European Champion, made the trip from Copenhagen to share her incredible sport life journey with us. Despite the distance, the flight from the Danish airport to ours takes just one hour, making her visit feel like a blink of an eye.

During our captivating conversation, we delved into Ulrikke’s dedication to the sport of Obstacle Racing since 2015. She has wholeheartedly embraced the sport, shaping her life around it and turning her passion into a full-time profession. Her journey to the top has been filled with ups and downs, and she shared inspiring stories of her struggles and triumphs throughout the years.

We also had the opportunity to dive into Ulrikke’s training system and the immense amount of work required to reach the level that gives her a fighting chance for a podium finish in women’s Obstacle Course Racing.

Join the Conversation:

Don’t miss out on this exciting episode! Follow the link below to watch the full interview with Ulrikke Evensen, the 2023 OCR European Champion, and gain insight into her remarkable journey in the world of OCR.

Click HERE to watch the episode.

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