A year after our installation in Garzdai, we find ourselves back in Lithuania, this time in Klaipeda. This journey brings us double joy because Lithuania holds a special place in our hearts. We’re closely connected to many exceptional athletes who reside and train here, and we frequently meet them, not only in Poland during events like Runmageddon and Barbarian Race but also at OCR championship events. This year, our collaboration with Lithuania’s Alfa Run has allowed us to expand our reach into this region.

We are delivering top-notch infrastructure to support obstacle course racing training for yet another dedicated team. In our own small way, we are contributing to the development of this sport in Lithuania. Who knows, perhaps a future world champion will hone their skills on our equipment.

Our journey was swift, considering our usual European travel standards. We departed from Gdansk at 3:00 AM and arrived in Klaipeda by 11:00 AM, ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

The location is incredible! Situated in a vast forested park right next to an open amphitheater in the city center, it’s the ideal place for obstacle course training.

After two days of installation in the park, a new Obstacle Paradise emerged:

Elite Combo Godzilla 4.3.3 Training Cage – 15 meters BEAST

2 tracks of solid balance beam with steps

Inclined 45 degrees Wooden Wall

Wooden wall 2 meters

Z WALL traverse wall, a favorite of Spartan Race enthusiasts

Now, all that’s left is to celebrate our hard work and watch this place thrive as OCR athletes grow stronger and more skilled. But… you can be sure, we’re going get back there!

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