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www.toroz.eu Elite Combo Godzilla light
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OCR cage – ELITE COMBO 4.3.3 GODZILLA light

Complete training structure for an OCR / NINJA athlete


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version 4.3.3 GODZILLA light

Complete training structure for an OCR/Ninja

ELITE COMBO 4.3.3 GODZILLA LIGHT edition is a construction for comprehensive training for an ahtlete in obstacle races such as Spartan Race or Ninja Warrior formulas. This training combo will allow everyone to train their technique and strength on a multi-level basis, using most of the obstacles found in OCR competitions and Ninja tracks.

Made of solid materials, ideal for outdoor, municipalities areas. It enables simple replacement of individual elements with others available in our offer, guaranteeing the user to modify its functionality in the future. The compact free-standing structure will allow it to be placed in a garden or a small club without taking up excessive space.

10  pilars 70x70x3

2.7 metre high pillars
Straight ladder with bolts for rings
Rotary hamster
Salmon Ladder jumps up three steps on a pipe grip
Double sided steel pegboard track
Track with grips – 5 composite rings


2.7 metres high pillars
Track with 10 Disc 1.0 Compostie Ultra Grip grips
Track with 5 Ninja Stick pipes
Track with 5 composite rings


2.7 metres high pillars
3 x UFO’s or Hot Wheels (your choice)
Madman – rotary pipe with pegs
Track with 10 grips – Ultra Grip 8 cm bals
Board with climbing grips and square grip holes


2 7 metres high pillars with widening
2 side Ninja Rings track
Dragon tail – up to down level track with a big ring |or| Spinner – rotary pipe with grips (your choice)
Track with 10 Ultra Grip grips – Cones 1.0
Side plywood board with halfballs and square grip holes
4 meter rope to climb on
Fireman – 4 meters PVC pipe with ropes to climb on

construction material: metal
painting: powder coated
color: optional (RAL)
basic height of pillars: 2.7 m
metal pillars parameters: 70x70x3
rope climb and “fireman pillar” height: 4 m
cage width: 3 m
cage length: 12 m
boards and planks material: wood, reinforced plywood
rope material: polypropylene
material climbing holds and climbing balls: composite

Realisation time 30-60 days

Delivery and instalation costs: indyvidual pricing


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Train, compete, and have fun – sport is always healthy!

Training based on the weight of your own body is nothing new, but we have decided to rediscover it. By drawing inspiration from OCR obstacle courses and the American Ninja Warrior program, we have created a product line that will allow you to train your grip and mobility on various planes. It will undoubtedly take your body’s fitness to a completely new level. Get ready to compete in the Elite series. Improve your skills and test yourself in OCR Races, National, European and World Championships.
With our equipment, you are just one step away from winning!

If you happen to require a piece of advice, inspiration, or support in arranging your own OCR or climbing zone, do not hesitate to contact us. We are familiar with the subject, as we are active sports aficionados ourselves and we train regularly by using this equipment. We will help you plan and design a home training park or build a dedicated combo set.

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