TOROZ. PL Kołki kule
TOROZ. PL Kołki kule
TOROZ. PL Kołki kule
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strong wood


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PEGs with an ORB grip
for PEG BOARD / Pincer

Wooden pegs, made of hard wood, with a ball shank diameter of 8 cm, extremely light for using Peg Board devices.

Can be used for both wooden and steel board structures. First of all, for those training crossfit, climbing, obstacle runs like Spartan Race or Ninja Games.

pin diameter: 30 mm
ball diameter: 80 mm
pin lenght 48 mm
(for boards with holes 30 mm in diameter)
2 pieces included


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Train, compete, and have fun – sport is always healthy!

Training based on the weight of your own body is nothing new, but we have decided to rediscover it. By drawing inspiration from OCR obstacle courses and the American Ninja Warrior program, we have created a product line that will allow you to train your grip and mobility on various planes. It will undoubtedly take your body’s fitness to a completely new level. Get ready to compete in the Elite series. Improve your skills and test yourself in OCR Races, National, European and World Championships.
With our equipment, you are just one step away from winning!

If you happen to require a piece of advice, inspiration, or support in arranging your own OCR or climbing zone, do not hesitate to contact us. We are familiar with the subject, as we are active sports aficionados ourselves and we train regularly by using this equipment. We will help you plan and design a home training park or build a dedicated combo set.

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