Natural, wooden ring without painting


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Rings are one of the basic holds. In this version, made of wood that gives a very high grip for the hand. Perfect for beginners who want to try hanging techniques. They allow you to train on many levels, from pull-ups to the swing technique. The basic training element for OCR amateurs, an essential training element in CROSSFIT. If you are starting your adventure using your own body weight, this is the device you should have.

Here is a grip difficulty scale that we have developed together with our customers.

The rings are made of wood, to be hung on a TRX tape or a dedicated, short one for holds (available in the ACCESSORIES section)

Summary: an ideal tool for athletes training crossfit and competing in obstacle runs such as Runmageddon, Barbarian Race or Ninja Games formulas. Low level of difficulty.

material: wood
painting: without
handle diameter: 2.8 cm
1 piece

Weight 0.3 kg

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JUTE ROPE 50 cm, 3.5 cm in diameter

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