UFO / Ninja disc grip level hard

Made of composite and steel


Purchase this item and get 6000 Points
Purchase this item and get 6000 Points

A ninja disk, also known as “ufo” or “disc”, is hard obstacle. Requires very strong fingers and a strong biceps. Beginners are advised to start exercising with it by hanging and pulling up with both hands. The step of moving or jumping one by one will require a lot of practice and patience in learning from the trainee. The device is ideal for support training for climbing practitioners. For OCR lovers, mastering the art of switching from one to another is already level PRO. And for those who want to go to the Bison Race to our Belarusian neighbor, we suggest that you learn the technique of overcoming the disc, because it is a standard obstacle there.

The disc is made of HDPE board with a rough structure and a steel stabilizing tube. A part of the chain is hidden in the pipe, allowing for height adjustment and hooking with a carabiner.

Summary: a tool for advanced athletes training climbing and taking part in obstacle runs such as Spartan Race or Ninja Games formulas. High level of gripping difficulty.

material: composite and steel
steel shell: powder coated
color: red and black
hook: chain eyelet
disc diameter: 18 cm
tube height: 25 cm

Weight 1.3 kg

White, Black, Red

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