Complete training structure for an OCR / NINJA athlete


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Complete training structure for an OCR/Ninja

We present the ELITE COMBO 2.3.3 construction for comprehensive training of a runner in obstacle races such as Spartan Race or Ninja Warrior formulas. This training combo will allow everyone to train their technique and strength on a multi-level basis, using most of the obstacles found in OCR competitions and Ninja tracks.

Made of solid materials, foldable for easy and quick assembly. It enables simple replacement of individual elements with others available in our offer, guaranteeing the user to modify its functionality in the future. The compact free-standing structure will allow it to be placed in a garden or a small club without taking up excessive space. Combo equipped with 4 types of composite grips and 4 variants of grips-boards.

pillars – 6 pieces
stationary “hamster wheel”
“Salmon’s ladder”
400 cm arm climbing rope
400 cm arm with “fireman” pipe with ropes (as grips)
300 cm long spinning pipe with pins
suspended “plank” (wooden horizontal beam) 300 cm long
metal strip with 10 eyelets for grips – 300 cm – 2 pieces
+ 10 holds – composite rings
metal pegboard with 10 eyelets for grips – 300 cm – 2 pieces
+ 20 holds – composite balls (7 and 8 cm in diameter)
transverse poles connecting the slats to form a “flying monkey” – 5 pieces
horizontal ladder with pins
horizontal arched ladder with pins (+ 2 composite rings)
extension arms for pillars extending the cage by 60 cm on the two long sides
horizontal bar with 7 eyelets for grips – 300 cm – 2 pieces
+ 7 holds composite disks
+ 7 holds composite cones
horizontal pipe – 290 cm
horizontal rope – 290 cm
wooden board LABYRINTH – 300 cm
wooden board with hold & peg board – 300 cm – 6 climbing balls and 4 rails
wooden board with square holes – 300 cm – 6 climbing balls and 4 rails
wooden board with climbing holds – 300 cm – 6 rails and 3 balls
ropes 250 cm – 4 pieces
rotary bar – 100 cm

construction material: metal
painting: powder coated
color: optional (RAL)
basic height of pillars: 280 cm
metal pillars parameters: 70x70x3
rope boom and “fireman pillar” height: 400 cm
cage width: 300 cm
cage length: 600 cm
boards and planks material: wood, reinforced plywood
rope material: polypropylene
material climbing holds and climbing balls: composite

Realisation time 30-45 days

Instalation costs: indyvidual pricing

Weight 801 kg

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