Monkey Bar Combo

 6,990.00 7,890.00

3 tracks
4 tracks

Our well-known and recognizable High to Low design. The obstacle known from OCR European Championships in Val di Fieme, polish Runmageddon and Czech Gladiator Race. It’s a High to Low construction with ULTRA GRIP grips. In a version of your choice – 3 or 4 tracks.

You start the obstacle with a rope, with the help of which you reach the high-hanging grips of DISC 1.0 (there is 5 of them on each line) then with the use of rigidly fixed grips you go down a level lower and overcome a sequence of 5 ULTRA GRIP balls, finishing the obstacle with a bell. The change of levels is the tricky part 😉

Construction specifications:
width: 3 or 4 meters
length between pillars: 4 meters
length from the rope to the bell: 5 meters
height: 3 meters
number of tracks: 3 or 4 as you choice

Production time 30 days

Metal construction (frame)
3 or 4 ropes
15 or 20 Discs 1.0 ULTRA GRIP
15 or 20 Solid Grips also ULTRA GRIP
15 or 20 Balls 8cm ULTRA GRIP

construction material: metal
painting: powder coating
grips: composite
ropes: polyprophylene

Weight 600 kg
Number of tracks

2 tracks, 3 tracks, 4 tracks

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Ball ULTRA GRIP / 8 cm


Disc 1.0 – ULTRA GRIP


STRAP 20 cm for hanging grips