METAL BALL 15 cm, black, glossy (orange peel)


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The ball is a unique catch, difficult but gives many possibilities. It allows you to train on many levels and helps to develop a strong forearm and fingers. It is perfect as a supporting element in training for climbing. For OCR amateurs, an indispensable training element, because it appears at competitions more and more often. It can be difficult for many to overcome the sequence of ball slings with the correct grip and swing. Therefore, it is a “must have” option in an obstacle runner training kit who wants to complete these sequences correctly and without fear.

Here is a grip difficulty scale that we have developed together with our customers.

The ball is made of steel, with a loop for easy attachment with a tape, chain or carabiner. Powder coated in a thick structure, creating an “orange peel” effect. In practice, such painting gives a slightly larger contact area between the skin and the material, which means a better grip. Contrary to appearances, a glossy ball gives a more secure grip than a matte one (as long as the hand is dry).

Summary: an ideal tool for athletes training climbing and competing in obstacle races such as Strong Viking, Spartan Race or Ninja Games formulas. High level of difficulty.

material: steel
powder painting
coating: gloss (orange peel)
black colour
hook: eyelet
diameter: 15 cm

Weight 0.35 kg

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