JUTE ROPE 60 cm, 6 cm in diameter

Very thick jute rope (unique grip).


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A jute rope as a chin-up grip or an OCR obstacle sling is a brilliant thing. In this edition, made of natural, soft material – jute, braided into a braid with a diameter of 6 cm is a very difficult trick. The circumference of the hand grip is very small and requires practice. However, training with this rope is a certainty that the grip will be like a vice. It improves the pressure, strengthens the biceps and even the abdominal muscles (depending on the imagination of the trainee). For OCR and CROSSFIT amateurs, an indispensable training element, because it occurs more and more often in competitions and competitions.

The rope is made of natural jute, with a triangular stainless steel sling that allows the rope to be suspended at a height with the help of a carabiner. At both ends it is secured with a plastic sheath that prevents the lines from delaminating.

Summary: the perfect tool for athletes training crossfit and competing in obstacle courses such as Spartan Race or Ninja Games formulas.

material: jute
hook: stainless steel triangle
ends: plastic sheath
diameter: 6 cm
length 60 cm

Weight 1.3 kg

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