For 6 years now, the national obstacle course racing (OCR) championships have been taking place in Poland. We’ve been a part of this growing event right from the start – personally from the first event, and as an obstacle brand from the third edition. We can proudly say that both organizationally and in terms of obstacles and challenge level, this event is a top-notch OCR experience 😊.

In Poland, the Championships are organized by the national federation, the OCR Polska Association, along with the Obstacle Sport Union, always in collaboration with best national OCR race organizers, equipment manufacturers, and training centers. This format ensures diversity of obstacles and a high level of difficulty – just what OCR enthusiasts love the most.

This year, we showcased our two flagship obstacles, both of which had been featured at the OCR World Championships in Genk, Belgium, just two weeks earlier:

• Firefighter – an obstacle where the participant has to traverse a line of hanging PVC pipes with ropes on the sides serving as handles. It might look deceptively simple, but without the right technique, it can “burn” out one’s forearms.

• High to Low aka Holy Bull – in a modified, much more challenging version. This combines two cages, creating an almost 9-meter combo, starting from behind: from LOW to HIGH to LOW. Participants start with low-hanging Discs then climb rigid climbing grips up to a row of 10 ULTRA GRIP balls, and then descend again using climbing grips to a lower set of 1.0 ULTRA GRIP discs – (our bestseller). The entire course relies solely on hand strength, in two phases, ensuring their feet don’t touch the ground, because at some point it’s very very low.

This version of our obstacle is for the real adrenaline junkies, and we have such competitors right here in Poland. Therefore, we were not afraid of such a configuration

The event took place over a weekend, featuring 3 km races and relays on Saturday. On this day, children also raced, and the Standard (12 km) distance took place on Sunday, with additional competition on the OCR400 track, where almost 70 competitors participated. This last format, similar to Ninja and OCR100, created the most excitement and drew the most spectators, given its fast-paced nature. Everything happened dynamically, with competitors battling for every second.

If you’re an athlete looking for challenges and love tough OCR events, you should consider adding this Polish event to your calendar. Competitors from other countries can participate in the Championships. Of course, they won’t compete for the title of Polish Champion, but they can experience the competition on the same course, following the same rules as all other participants.

3 thoughts on “Polish OCR Championships 2023

  1. Avatar Gabi says:

    Dziękujemy ,że jesteście !!! Najwspanialsze przeszkody!! Tylko jednego nam brakowało na tych mistrzostwach … otwartego waszego stoiska by kupić chwyty 😅🙈 ale nic straconego zaraz zamówię online !! Baardzo bardzo dziękujemy ♥️

  2. Avatar Gabi says:

    Dziękujemy, że jesteście !! Najwspanialsze przeszkody !!

  3. Avatar Katarzyna says:

    Fajne Przeszkody. Wymagające.

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