TOROZ is excited to announce the launch of a thrilling sports challenge, inviting teams from around the globe to compete in a series of tasks designed to test grip strength and endurance to the max. The challenge will run from March 1st to June 16th, culminating at the OCR European Championships in Italy, where the grand finale of our contest will take place.

This adventure is divided into 7 stages, with each one unveiled approximately every two weeks. Each task must be completed by a team of 5 members working together, strictly following the instructions provided. The completion of the task should be recorded and posted on the team’s Instagram profile.

The final stage will be held live during the OCR European Championships weekend, where teams will compete in person for the champion’s title.

The grand prize?

Our exceptional Maze 1.5 Minotaur, along with many other rewards for participants like:
set of ULTRA GRIP grips, peg board, grips. t-shirts, caps and more.

The Value of Competition and Motivation

We believe in the power of competition to bring out the best in athletes. Our challenge is designed not just as a competition but as a journey of endurance, teamwork, and skill enhancement. It offers a unique platform for teams to showcase their strength, resilience, and cooperation under challenging conditions.

Moreover, participating in this challenge allows teams to gain visibility in the OCR community and beyond. Sharing their journey on social media will not only engage their followers but also inspire others to take on their fitness challenges.

We invite teams from all corners of the world to join this celebration of strength, endurance, and teamwork. Whether you’re seasoned competitors or new to the world of obstacle course racing, this challenge is an excellent opportunity to test your limits, grow stronger, and maybe even take home the coveted Maze 1.5 Minotaur.

Are you ready to take on the challenge and prove your team’s prowess? Sign up now and embark on a journey that promises excitement, growth, and the chance to stand out as champions.

Teams interested in joining the competition must register by sending an email to to enter the challenge.

The contest is held on TOROZ Instagram account
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