Introduction: Oh boy, the 2023 OCR European Championships in Hungary, Tata—what a blast! We had been eagerly awaiting this event for so long, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint! With nearly 2,000 elite athletes ready to leave it all on the course, the atmosphere was electric. There’s truly nothing quite like a Championship event—intense competition, the sweet scent of rivalry in the air, and the exhilarating joy of victory at the finish line.

Organization and Venue: A big shoutout to the Hungarian Obstacle Federation for pulling off an exceptional job in organizing this event. The Tata Olympic Centre served as the epicenter, with the expo area set up indoors in a sport hall and the start and finish line situated at the outdoor stadium. Talk about a perfect environment for an OCR showdown! The setup was visually stunning, creating a spectacle that was a treat for both participants and spectators alike.

Obstacles and Challenges: The course featured a combination of obstacles, predominantly designed by the Hungarian organizer known as Running Warriors, supplemented by structures with gripping challenges from local providers, and, of course, our very own cages. On the short course (3k), we had a thrilling Low Rig equipped with the incredible ULTRA GRIP grips — announced as one of the three obstacles that claimed the most bands from athletes’ wrists. The long course (12k) also presented an exciting Rig with a combination of challenging ULTRA GRIP setup. The obstacles were strategically placed throughout the course, with a breathtaking climax of four obstacles toward the race’s end. They were tough but not overwhelmingly so, creating a thrilling spectacle for both participants and spectators.

Connecting with Athletes: We had an absolute blast spending hours chatting with a multitude of athletes at our tent in the expo area. It was a joy hearing your incredible stories and witnessing the love you all shared for our gear. We can say with certainty that providing you with the opportunity to warm up before the race using our cage was a fantastic chance for us to showcase our top-notch equipment. A funny fact: on the outdoor warm up cage, there were the obstacle “teeth” was hanging, on Thursday, in the morning after a small rain, we sold all the Elite PRO gloves – in 2 hours

Conclusion: The 2023 OCR European Championships in Hungary, Tata, exceeded all expectations. The adrenaline-fueled atmosphere, the exceptional organization by the Hungarian Obstacle Federation, and the challenging yet exhilarating obstacles made this event truly unforgettable. We are grateful for the opportunity to connect with so many passionate athletes and showcase our gear. Until the next OCR adventure—keep pushing your limits and conquering those obstacles! And remember to “Gear UP” to have a strong grip!

Tip: from all the ULTRA GRIP’s used on the obstacles at the event, this two were the most difficult for you  L-GRIP 2.0 & DISC 2.0. Our advice is to make yourself prepared for the next Championships – because we are coming 🙂

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