What an unforgettable weekend it was! We embarked on our first Strong Viking adventure in Frankfurt, and we were absolutely hypnotized. From the moment we arrived on Friday morning, after a long night drive with a few small navigation challenges, to the moment we left, the experience was nothing short of amazing. The event took place in a forested area just outside a small village, and as we entered the event site, we were greeted by towering steps leading to the finish line, adorned with the captivating sign “Welcome to Valhalla.” The sight was awe-inspiring, event area with numerous tents, massive 8-track rigs, and a magnificent water slide that stood six stories high. It was truly a sight to behold.

Exploring the Venue:

Bathed in sunshine and blessed with perfect weather, we wasted no time quickly setting up our tent as a merchandise shop in the center of the village. Near it, we placed our warm-up cage, allowing people to experience the greatness of our products firsthand. With our setup complete, we eagerly embarked on a tour of the racecourse, filled with anticipation for the days ahead.

Engaging with Participants:

Saturday and Sunday were a whirlwind of excitement and joy. Our tent attracted a multitude of visitors, providing us with countless hours of engaging conversations about our equipment. It always make us happy to hear those good words after a person holds the ULTRA GRIP grip for the first time. We also introduced the athletes to our thrilling challenge, the #BRICKCHALLANGE. Participants were challenged to hold a weight—a 20 kg kettlebell for men and a 10 kg kettlebell for women—using our remarkable ULTRA GRIP Brick 1.0. It was no easy feat, and the record for the guys stood at an impressive 2 minutes and 47 seconds. The challenge brought immense fun and enjoyment as people enthusiastically took part, showcasing their strength and determination.

Race Day Highlights:

The race day was an experience like no other, starting with an atmosphere that truly set the stage for an epic adventure. The Viking music, the resounding drums, the solemn pledge, and the fierce Viking haka created an extraordinary ambiance, making us feel like warriors ready for battle. The race course itself was a mud lover’s paradise, filled with challenging yet exhilarating obstacles. While the race was designed for fun rather than timing (no time measurement) , the obstacles were impressively grand, capturing the essence of the Strong Viking spirit. The Rigs are massive –  8 or 10 lines, the slide resembled a mountain (around 6th floor high) , and the colossal stairs at the finish line left us in awe. Additionally, the race introduced unique and playful obstacles, such as carrying someone on your back or engaging in balance beam battles. If you’re seeking a magnificent and unparalleled experience, the Strong Viking Race is an event you don’t want to miss.


Our adventure at the Strong Viking Water Edition in Frankfurt left us with unforgettable memories. The magnificence of the obstacles, spectacular energy and comradeship among the participants created an atmosphere of pure excitement and joy. We encourage anyone looking for an extraordinary experience to join the Strong Viking community and conquer their own Viking-inspired journey.

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