Welcome to our blog, where we’ll introduce you to one of our top-selling products, the ULTRA GRIP Disk, most popular grip on the Obstacle Race Courses around Europe.

ULTRA GRIP technology is a game-changer in OCR training and competitions. Its textured surface, reminiscent of climbing rocks, ensures a secure grip, preventing any unwanted slips during your OCR challenges. Whether your grip is wet, the ULTRA GRIP technology maintains its superior traction, making it a must-have for OCR enthusiasts. Once you’ve experienced this texture, you’ll never consider any other grip solution.

Among our extensive product range, our disk-shaped grip is the most sought-after by OCR athletes across Europe. Notably, it’s a popular choice at prominent OCR events like Strong Viking, Inferno Run, Tough Viking, Runmageddon, Gladiator Race and many others. The Disk 1.0, with its deeply recessed outer edge, allows for a strong finger wrap around the edge, providing a secure hold even for beginners. However, it still offers a higher level of difficulty compared to alternatives like Rings or Monkey Bars, where you can also engage your thumb from below.

For those seeking an even greater challenge, the Disk 2.0 offers a wider and gently curved outer edge. While you can still bend your fingers, closing them is no longer an option, making maintaining a one-handed hang a considerable challenge. This option is ideal for more experienced athletes looking to push their limits, still it can be mastered using techniques like two-handed holds or using your biceps transitions.

For the ultimate test of strength and agility, we offer the Disk 3.0. It’s a choice reserved for true Ninja Warrior enthusiasts. With its slightly curved outer edge, it leaves the disk almost flat. The key to success is the rough, textured surface, offering unmatched stability in comparison to other grip options in the OCR world. However, this model is best suited for advanced athletes and requires advanced techniques like bicep hangs or two-handed jumping grips.

Elevate your OCR training experience with our range of ULTRA GRIP disks. Whether you’re a novice looking for a dependable grip or a seasoned racer aiming for a greater challenge, our TOROZ products are designed to meet your needs and take your performance to new heights in the exciting world of Obstacle Course Racing.

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