A stunning location in the picturesque town of Sallanches, just a stone’s throw away from the monumental Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the European Alps, literally within arm’s reach. From now on, residents and tourists venturing into these regions will have the opportunity to train on obstacles amidst the breathtaking scenery of the French mountains. The views are awe-inspiring, but the sight of the BIZON RIG will leave every OCR and Ninja enthusiast breathless. Here, you can train on nearly 30 obstacle configurations and give your grip a serious workout. The RIG is located in a newly opened public recreational and sports area, making it accessible to anyone interested. Take a look at the photos and tell us, wouldn’t it be worth making a training stop for such a monster on your way through the French Alps?

Our obstacle course racing products represent high-quality, appreciated as we install them in an increasing number of European countries. With the growing popularity of this discipline, you reach for them more and more often, and we are delighted about that. Providing you with top-notch OCR equipment is our contribution to the development of this remarkable sport, which will soon, step by step, make its way into the Olympics, initially as part of modern pentathlon and later possibly as a standalone discipline. We are thrilled to be part of this emerging history alongside all of you.

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