Introduction: Just a week after the thrilling OCR European Championships in Hungary, we are on another unforgettable journey. Our destination? Lithuania, home to the ALFA RUN, the largest OCR race in the that country. With little knowledge of what to expect – from the obstacles to the terrain and the level of athletes – we were eager to dive into this exciting adventure.

Arriving in Lithuania, we found ourselves in Pmaraziai, a magical forest just a stone’s throw away from the capital, Vilnius. As we arrive the race village we were greeted with beautiful forest views. The weather was perfect, and we wasted no time in setting up our RIG near the finish line, right after a thrilling 4-meter jump into the refreshing waters. We brought along two cages to ensure enough space for the 3,000 participants, with no queues. Our obstacle featured CHEESE BOARDS and a mix of our signature ULTRA GRIP grips, including Discs 1.0, Balls 8 cm, Cone 1.0, and wooden Rings on each line. Let me tell you, it was no easy, especially after emerging from the water!

The Race Experience: ALFA RUN proved to be an absolute blast! The course took us through amazing sights, through the forest. Despite the scorching heat, the shade provided by the towering trees allowed us to push ourselves to the limit. While the race focused more on fun than technical challenges, there were a few truly demanding obstacles, including those designed by the impressive Lithuanian OCR Team – Baltic Warriors. And of course, it wouldn’t be an old-school OCR race without mud! If you’re a mud lover, this race is an absolute muddy delight. And to top it off, there were not just one but two exhilarating water jumps. One involved sliding through a tube, while the other required a fearless leap from at least 4 meters high. Believe us, it’s an adrenaline-pumping and fear-conquering experience like no other.

Merch Shop:

As is customary during our race trips, we set up our tent as a Merch Shop. We understand that many of you love to indulge in a bit of shopping while at the venue, and it provides a fantastic opportunity to get up close and personal with our gear, especially with new grips. The ULTRA GRIP technology is not something that can be easily grasped from afar, so being able to explain it in person is truly invaluable. We had the pleasure of engaging in countless conversations with customers from Lithuania, some of whom were new to our brand, while many were familiar faces. It was an absolute joy to reconnect with our OCR Lithuania and OCR Baltic Warriors friends, as well as our beloved athletes from Belarus. These interactions added an extra layer of fun to our experience, making the event even more memorable.

Conclusion: Our ALFA RUN adventure in Lithuania left us with memories to cherish. The breathtaking scenery, the camaraderie among participants, and the exciting obstacles created an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re an OCR enthusiast or someone seeking a thrilling challenge, ALFA RUN has something for everyone. Get ready to test your limits, conquer your fears, and immerse yourself in the pure joy of OCR.

An added advantage of participating in ALFA RUN is its close proximity to the captivating capital city of Vilnius, just a mere half-hour away from the event site. This offers a fantastic opportunity to choose accommodations in the heart of the city and immerse yourself in unforgettable moments during your OCR Tourism adventure. Explore the charming streets, indulge in the local cuisine, and discover the rich history and vibrant culture of Vilnius. It’s the perfect way to extend your experience and create even more cherished memories while embarking on your OCR journey around the world.

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