Unbelievable! Just one week after our Lithuanian installation adventure, we’re back at it, constructing an absolute behemoth! This time, we’ve set our sights on Żywiec, a city in southern Poland. The installation place is a terrain of a comprehensive school, doubling as a training ground for the Polish armed forces too. What’s in the making is an even grander version of the TOROZ ARENA XXL.

We hit the road on a Sunday, arriving at our destination by evening, well-rested and ready to dive headfirst into action the next morning. And the action is nothing short of epic. Our mission? To assemble a jaw-dropping array of OCR challenges, including:

  • The Elite Combo Godzilla 4.3.3 Training Cage – an awe-inspiring 15-meter beast, tailor-made for OCR enthusiasts hungry for the ultimate test.
  • 2 Triceratops dip lanes, specially designed to push your upper body strength to the limit.
  • 10 meters of thrilling net crawling, daring you to conquer them.
  • Not one, but two towering walls: a massive 2.5-meter-high wooden wall and an equally formidable pipe wall.
  • A moving balance beam to keep you on your toes.
  • A 6-meter Low Rig obstacle, a true testament to your abs strenght
  • And let’s not forget the inclined wall equipped with ropes, an obstacle that will remind you of the exhilarating challenges at OCR races like Runmageddon.

After two days of relentless effort, we’re thrilled to unveil the fruits of our labor. This is the kind of installation that will leave OCR aficionados green with envy. It’s an OCR paradise with everything you need to have a blast conquering obstacles or engaging in a full-fledged OCR training session.

Calling all Żywiec locals and OCR enthusiasts, this is an experience you cannot afford to miss! Come witness these OCR wonders up close and personal – it’s a thrilling journey that will ignite your passion for obstacle course racing and push you to new heights of excitement and accomplishment.

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